Yak-152 Second Prototype to Take Off This Summer

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The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans to start flight trials of the second experimental trainer airplane Yak-152 by the coming fall. Currently, the plane is passing military acceptance procedure, a source in the Irkut Corporation told Mil.Today.

The flight prototype No. 2 built at the Irkutsk aircraft plant, the branch of the Irkut Corporation PJSC, will begin undergoing flight tests in the nearest future.

Yak-152 in the air

"We were licensed for two-pilot flights in the spring", Vasily Sevastyanov, 1st Class research pilot told Mil.Today. So far, he has been flying on the new plane alone; however, the second pilot has already started training program.

"The works are under way, everything is as usual. The airplane has passed checkup taxiing late in May", Sevastyanov said.

Upon completion of initial tests, Yak-152 will start the state trials phase, added the manufacturerís spokesman. Besides, the Zhukovsky Central Institute for Aerohydrodynamics began static diagnostics of one of the planes. Another airplane is planned to kick off endurance tests in the institute as well. "Upon results of all these works, there will be a decision on beginning of mass production", emphasized the interviewee.

According to him, Yak-152 may debut at the MAKS-2017 air show or some other exhibitions of this year, but "this issue is still being worked over".
Gen.Alexander Ahlustin, honored military pilot of Russia told Mil.Today that the new Yak-152 was more robust and reliable than the obsolete Czech trainers Zlin. "It's a missing link in the pilotsí general training before flying Yak-130", he said.
The expert mentioned the simplicity and accessibility of the new plane, having added that its use would cheapen training of pilots. However, the second pilotís (instructor) seat has poor lookout, said Ahlustin.
Russian Air Force commander Gen. Andrey Yudin announced on March 22, 2017 that upon completion of state trials the Defense Ministry would sign a purchase contract with the Irkut Corporation for these planes. However, Yudin did not specify the possible amount of Yak-152 to be bought.



Yak-152 is a military trainer airplane designed for pilotsí initial training. It took the first flight on September 29, 2016.

The new trainer will provide day and night primary flight practice. Generally, it is used to train piloting techniques and basic navigation, elementary/advanced/top-class aerobatics and group piloting skills.

Altitude ceiling of Yak-152 is 4,000 meters, operational range is 1,500 km, maximum flying speed is 500 kph.