Russia Spent Only $340,000 on Advanced Aircraft Carrier and Landing Ship Projects in 2016

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The Nevskoe Design Bureau allocated only 20.44 mln rubles (340,000 USD) last year on development of an aircraft carrier and an amphibious assault ship for the Russian Navy, says the company’s annual report published on Wednesday, July 5.

In particular, the document specifies that the money was channeled "with a view of further use in 2017... and subsequent transfer to intangible assets with acquisition of patents".

Landing ship Priboy

According to an insider in the Krylov State Research Center, "these funds are obviously insufficient to begin the full-fledged development of the aircraft carrier and landing ship projects". The center is proactively working on the layout of the prospective destroyer Leader.

In addition, the Nevskoe bureau’s report says that the mentioned elaborations "are not of the financial but more important interest – product promotion at domestic and overseas markets".

If the researches happen to be in demand, the investment’s payback time would be 2 years for each project. According to the bureau’s estimates, "breakeven point in the carrier project will be 1,300 mln rubles, and in the landing ship project – about 700 mln".

It is also said in the report that "pre-design works on the new appearance of the naval ships have a great future with high economic benefits ahead". Meanwhile, federal budget’s spendings were not provided in 2016, while the scope of works "exceeded the actual scope of 2015", says the document.

The information on creation of the prospective landing ships almost literally repeats the data published in the 2015 report.

The report of 2016 says in particular that "the type range of landing ships (amphibious assault and helicopter carrying ones) has been developed on the basis of the project module displacing 10,000-35,000 tons. Out of that type range, the LHD ship and the amphibious assault one were selected, with displacement of about 15,000 and 30,000 tons respectively".
"Sure, development of new landing ships is critical and long-pending. However, we must use what we already have at hand, example, return to the ranks at least one of Project 1174 Nosorog ships", Admiral Felix Gromov, former Russian Navy's Commander-in-Chief told Mil.Today.
According to the expert, the crews should master large landing craft, and the mothballed Nosorog-class ships are most appropriate for that purpose. "The question is how much funds and time it would need to reanimate them. The sums may appear back-breaking", concluded the ex-naval chief.

The Nevskoe Design Bureau is the oldest Russian company designing surface ships. The bureau is specialized in designing of aircraft-carrying ships, large landing craft and shipborne air-technical equipment.