Russia Plans to Have Hypersonic Arms by 2022

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The Russian military is about to acquire hypersonic air-launched weapons by 2020-2022, Yury Borisov, deputy defense minister in charge of armaments told Mil.Today at the MAKS-2017 airshow.

According to him, the question is commissioning of mass-produced hypersonic weapons, primarily, into the Airspace Force.

MAKS airshow

"We appraise our technology backlog at the level of leading countries developing this sector", the top-ranking official said.

He added that United Aircraft Corporation had the concepts for various versions of air hardware based on hypersonic technology. "But the first thing for us is obviously weapons", concluded Borisov.

The hypersonic speed exceeds the sonic one by five times making 5 Mach (6,000 kph).