Military MAKSimum: Top Novelties Review

Rubric: Russia, Industry

At the MAKS-2017 international airspace show, defense companies present both readymade mass-produced projects and new prototypes and models of advanced airplanes, weapons and onboard equipment. Mil.Today reporters spent these days at the show, interviewed participants and have collected the most interesting projects debuted at the broad audience.

MiG-35 Light Multirole Fighter

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MiG-35 is further development of MiG-29 family. Designers announced increased reliability of the jet, its engine and onboard electronics, extended airframe’s lifetime and durability. According to the MiG officials, the MiG-35’s cost per flight hour is twice less than that of the MiG-29.

The new airplane was officially presented to wide public at MAKS-2017; the fighter jet for the first time attended the airshow’s flight program.

Yak-152 Flight Trainer

Yak-152 flight trainer

The Yak-152 airplane designed for initial pilot training is still undergoing trials. Nonetheless, the MAKS-2017 visitors had a chance to see two flight samples of the new aircraft. One of them took part in the show’s flight program. Batch production of Yak-152 will be expectedly launched in 2018.

Mi-171Sh-VN Special Force Helicopter

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The Ulan-Ude Helicopter Plant presented the new version of military transport helicopter Mi-171Sh-VN at the MAKS-2017 airshow. The chopper is designed for special force operations. Apart of standard weapons like air bombs, rockets and antitank missiles, the helicopter is armed with four machineguns. The armor is reinforced with kevlar elements.

TV7-117ST Turboprop Engine

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The United Engine Corporation brought a sample of the latest turboprop engine TV7-117ST, being created for the Il-112V advanced light military transport aircraft. The engine is being currently prepared for flight tests.

TV7-117ST is a reheated version of the TV7-117SM engine, full of sophisticated technical and design solutions improving its flight properties. Full throttle power makes 3,000 hp, emergency rating power is 3,600 hp.

UAV Orion-E Air Surveillance System

UAV Orion-E (Kronshtadt Group)

Orion-E is the Russia’s first drone conforming to the MALE international class (weight is 1,000-1,500 kg, range is over 500 km). According to designers of Kronshtadt Group, state trials of the air surveillance system are to be finished this year.

The system includes several composite-made UAVs, automatic takeoff/landing system, ground control and data processing station, airfield equipment.

VRT300 Arctic-Class UAV

VRT300 Arctic UAV

Arctic UAV VRT300 is presented in two versions: Arctic Supervision with side-looking radar for ice patrol missions and operation in polar environment; and Opticvision with longer flight range for monitoring and remote sensing.

According to spokesmen of the Russian Helicopters holding, thanks to the large payload weight (70 kg) the system suits well for delivery of food and medications from a ship to a polar station. Among other tasks of the system are ice thickness analysis on the ship course, search and rescue at sea, and assessment of ice floes suitable for polar stations.

SR-10 Training Aircraft

SR-10 Training Aircraft

The Advanced Aircraft Technologies design bureau demonstrated the flight version of the SR-10 forward-swept-wing trainer at MAKS-2017 airshow. Manufacturer’s trials have been successfully completed, and batch production of the airplane for military pilots training will begin following results of the state trials.

Supposedly, the SR-10 training aircraft having standard aerodynamic design with one turbojet engine would become an intermediate link between the Yak-152 basic training airplane with piston-prop engine and the Yak-130 operational training jet.

Su-34 Frontline Bomber with New Khibiny-10V Electronic Warfare System

Su-34 frontline bomber

Traditionally, the MAKS airshow demonstrates the Su-34 frontline bomber. According to representatives of the Radioelectronic Technologies corporation, all jets of this type are equipped with the new electronic warfare system Khibiny-10V.

Designers say this system has improved the bombers’ survivability at least by 25 times. The system is intended for individual and group protection of frontline aircraft.