Russian Arms Buyers Are Invited to Visit a “Military Supermarket”

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Russia’s largest corporations will set permanent armament showrooms at the Patriot park. Transformation of the expo center into the year-round "military supermarket" will improve export potential of Russian defense products, government officials say.

Creation of the permanent exposition in the Patriot park follows the presidential and governmental resolutions. Those draft documents are available to Mil.Today. According to the explanatory note, the year-round exhibition will promptly inform potential foreign customers on the up-to-date Russian weapon systems. Expectedly, permanent demonstration of Russian military hardware would promote marketing component of defense companies in terms of international cooperation.

The opportunity to present their products at the Patriot park not only within the Army forum will be granted to Rostec, United Aircraft Corporation, United Shipbuilding Corporation, Almaz-Antei, JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation, and Concern Kalashnikov.

Patriot Congress & Expo Center

Effective Tool

Rostec backed the initiative to establish an own military showroom at the Patriot park.

"Following results of Army-2017 forum, where Rostec signed contracts exceeding 40 bln rubles, the use of demo-center with latest samples of military equipment seems to be an effective tool to attract partners worldwide", Pavel Shershnev, Rostec’s director for exhibition activities shared with Mil.Today.

As for him, creation of such platform is the shortest way for a dialog between customers and manufacturers.

A Rostec’s affiliate, the United Engine Corporation has already listed products for permanent demonstration at the Patriot park, including AL-41F-1S turbojet engine for tactical aircraft, VK-2500P helicopter engine, and M70FRU marine gas turbine engine.

Army-2017 Forum, opening ceremony

United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) opened its year-round demonstration center back in August, prior to the Army forum. The USC showroom occupies 1,500 sq m and includes about 30 scale models of naval ships and submarines being built for both the Russian military and foreign partners.

"The demo center is supposed to operate not only during large-scale forums but corporate events, too. The huge business zone allows for arrangement of presentations, round tables, meetings and talks with delegations of current and potential customers from all around the globe. The conference hall accommodates 120 participants and is fully equipped for discussions and industry-targeted forums, including video conferences", said Aleksey Dikiy heading the military cooperation department at USC.

Spokesmen of Concern Kalashnikov also called year-round operation of the demo center a promising and fruitful project in terms of marketing of military products.

"Apart from the showroom, there’s a Kalashnikov shooting club at the Patriot park. That’s a state-of-the-art facility with numerous galleries, including the 1,200-m firing range. Since this fall, the demo center and the shooting club begin operate on the year-round basis", added Kalashnikov’s representatives.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans using its pavilion for all kinds of image activities to promote own products.

"The question is workshops and round tables with subcontractors and suppliers, presentations and press conferences on key issues of the company’s development", said the UAC spokesman.

Patriot: Time to Readjust

Although located at the same space, the Patriot Congress & Exhibition Center and the Patriot Military Entertainment Park are the two different organizations. The first one is the venue for military-oriented business and scientific events held all-year-round. The latter one is somewhat a classic amusement park.

Roof view from the Patriot Congress Hall

According to the presidential decree, the exposition shall be arranged both at the park and at the congress center facilities. The Mil.Today’s insider says the directives are still at the project stage, it remains unclear who is to be in charge of the year-round maintenance of the exposition.

In order to avoid organizational problems related to state secret issues and international cooperation procedures, managers of the ‘patriotic’ facilities will have to adjust appropriate interaction.

For reference

The Patriot park is located near Moscow next to the town of Kubinka. When opening the park in 2015, defense minister Sergey Shoygu called it a ‘military supermarket’ where foreign military partners would have a chance to watch, test and purchase any military equipment they need.