Russian Pacific Fleet Divers Set 14 Records in 2 Months

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On November 18, 2018, aquanauts of Igor Belousov rescue ship left the decompression chamber. In two months before and after diving at 416 meters, the Pacific Fleet’s deep-sea divers set 5 national and 9 military records. All missions have been successfully and effectively accomplished, said Pacific Fleet Commander, Adm. Vladimir Korolev in the greetings telegram to the ship’s crew.

On October 29, four divers of the Pacific Fleet’s salvage ship Igor Belousov successfully dived and left the diving bell at the depth of 416 meters. The operation was performed in the Gulf of Ussuri.

Pacific Fleet divers undergoing decompression

The divers left the decompression chamber in the Sunday morning, November 18.

The following records were set:

– two depth records of diving in aqueous media – 317 meters (2017) and 416 meters (2018);
– two depth records of practical diving operations– 310 meters (2017) and 407 meters (2018);
– a depth record of salvage activities on grounded submarine – 407 meters;
– a record of number of divers simultaneously undergoing high pressure (30 kgf/cm2) – 7 men;
– a record of number of divers simultaneously undergoing high pressure (40 kgf/cm2) – 4 men;
– a record of number of consequential dives at 300 meters – 2 dives;
– a record of compression speed to the depth of 300 meters in marine conditions – 11 hours 25 minutes.

The record-breaking operation was performed by Capt. II Rank Rinat Gizatullin, Senior Warrant Officer Alexey Kiselev, Warrant Officer Dmitry Lysenko, and Petty Officer I Class Andrey Kozhevnikov. The experiment was supported by Capt. I Rank Evgeny Udalov heading the test group of GVK-450 diving system, and Lt. Col. (Med) Dmitry Reimov, the group’s senior physiologist.

Dmitry Zhavoronkov

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