ZASLON Center Displayed MLRS “Sel” at Army-2018 Forum

Rubric: Russia, Industry

At the Army-2018 forum, ZASLON Science &Technology Center presented the full-scale sample of the new 80-mm versatile unguided rocket system named Sel, the company’s head designer Artyom Prokofiev told Mil.Press Today.

Sel is a highly-mobile short-range multiple launch rocket system. It includes transportation, rocket installation, target aiming, and launching facilities. The full-size sample is mounted on the UAZ Cargo pickup, though being compatible with a wide range of chassis.

Sel 80-mm versatile unguided rocket system

The system is designed for destruction of enemy’s manpower and light-armored vehicles in open terrain and inside fortifications, mine-laying, target acquisition, smoke screening, passive jamming (using special rockets), and battlefield illumination (using star projectiles).

Coverage range of MLRS Sel is up to 6 km. The system includes four 10-barrel modules. The fire is performed by 80-mm S-8 unguided rockets. They are widely used in different armies worldwide and proved themselves in warfare.

According to Artyom Prokofiev, the system can use different types of rockets: combat, training, illumination and other ones, depending on the combat mission.

Sel 80-mm versatile unguided rocket system

The system is equipped with the rotary pedestal, capable to turn at 360 degrees and tilt from -5 to 55 degrees.
The key feature is rapid deployment and launch, using the hit-and-run tactics. This complicates enemy’s counter-fire activities.
According to designers, the system is based on the modular principle. It can be mounted on any wheeled or tracked chassis with maximum capacity over 1.5 tons, as well as small-size ships. MLRS Sel is served by two operators.

The Army-2018 forum is held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.