New “Typhoons”, “Linza” Medevac Rover and “Tornado” Truck: Remdiesel at Army-2018

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At the Army-2018 forum, JSC Remdiesel (RD) presented the updated families of Typhoon and Tornado armored vehicles. The company’s head designer, Igor Zarakhovich, told Mil.Press Today about the exhibited projects.

The self-propelled antitank missile system Cornet mounted on the K-53949 armored vehicle debuted at the exhibition.

Armored cars by JSC Remdiesel at Army-2018 forum

Except for this new version, the booth of the Defense Ministry’s Medical Department presents another debuting vehicle, the medevac rover codenamed Linza.

The vehicle is designed for rendering of professional medical aid to injured military personnel in a possibly short time, including at the battlefield.

Linza medical armored vehicle designed and produced by JSC Remdiesel

The medevac armored rovers are to be commissioned by the Russian military in 2019. Currently, Remdiesel is preparing for batch production of such vehicles.

Remdiesel’s head designer accentuated on the simplified version of K-4386 Typhoon-VDV vehicle presented at Army-2017 forum.

In the new vehicle, designers replaced hydropneumatic suspension with the coil one, excluded the video camera system and streamlined some subsystems, including electronics.

Armored vehicle Typhoon K-4386 designed and produced by JSC Remdiesel

Refusal of the frame design in favor of the hull version helped to reduce the car’s weight and dimensions, and improve cross-country capability and cargo capacity.

According to Zarakhovich, the rover can accommodate 8 troopers and portable equipment.
"The all-wheeled driven cars K-53949 and K-4386 are practically modified in terms of components, while the former one is advantageously stands out because of modular design. Instead of passenger module, other ones can be mounted on the vehicle frame", said the interviewee.
AT missile system Cornet based on Typhoon K-53949 vehicle designed and produced by JSC Remdiesel

In addition, Remdiesel presented chassis Tornado K-53958 with 8x8 wheel arrangement designed for assembly and transporting of weapons, military and special hardware, and towage of trailers.
The truck has improved cross-country capability, and its armored 3-seat cabin is equipped with air conditioning system.

Tornado K-53958 truck designed and produced by JSC Remdiesel

The 600-hp diesel engine 910 20-600 allows for acceleration up to 100 kph, the truck’s cruising range is 1,000 km.

According to the interviewed company’s representatives, a special attention of the guests and exhibitors was attracted by the Linza medevac rover. The Remdiesel’s booth was visited by several foreign delegations and representatives of different military branches.

The Army-2018 forum is held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.