Russian Military to Receive Composite Jeep for Trials in 2019

Rubric: Russia, Industry

The representatives of the Russian Armed Forces will test the light composite off-roader with aluminum frame based on the systems of VAZ-2121 Niva in the middle of 2019, Sergey Peteraitis, one of the vehicle’s designers told Mil.Press Today.

The KORTRANS-MR project (stands for a corrosion-resistant framed-modular vehicle) is developed by the Tolyatti State University (TSU) and the Prolog Scientific Consultation Technology Center.

DSE-1700A framed-modular jeep

"We are currently adapting the framed vehicle to the new suspension. Also, we’re changing technology to make hinged panels radar-transparent", said Sergey Peteraitis, who is a vice principal for innovations at TSU.

The first moving demo version of the Sergeant-class aluminum-framed rover was shown at the Army-2017 forum. The project’s key objective is to design a light, radar-transparent and corrosion-resistant vehicle for military and civil purposes.

According to Peteraitis, it was Russian Airborne Troops who took interest in the car. Based on their recommendations, the vehicle’s design will undergo a number of alterations. "With the present-day software, we’re going to reevaluate reliability and endurance of the rover. We plan to minify the frame and make the jeep even lighter", added the interviewee.

The designers are to outsource all technology documentation for the vehicle to the Tolyatti-based company Super-Auto in exchange of consultations and in-line production.

It is planned to produce at least 150 offroaders per year. In the middle of 2019, the finished rover will be handed over to the military for testing.

Once the trials are completed effectively, the composite jeep may compete with Russian Mechanics which quadrocycles were army-accepted in 2014.

AM-1 all-terrain quadrocycle

Press service of Russian Mechanics refused to compare the vehicles. "We don’t think this rover may substitute the quadrocycle, as they have different characteristics and applications. Anyway, it is early to tell anything until the car is fully completed", said the company’s spokesmen.

Russian Mechanics is executing a military supply contract for AM-1 quadrocycles based on the all-wheel-drive commercial model RM 500-2. The army version features the reinforced suspension, fixtures for grenade launchers and machineguns, and wider engine start temperature range: from -20°C to +50°C.