Source: Russian Air Force Buys 230 Prop-Driven Trainer Airplanes

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The Russian Defense Ministry is going to procure 230 propeller-driven training airplanes for military pilot cadets, an informed insider from aircraft industry told Mil.Press Today.

"The military agency is about to buy 230 propeller planes for primary training of pilots. It is not specified what exactly planes are in question though. Defense minister Sergey Shoigu has signed the corresponding document", explained the source in the interview to Mil.Press Today.

Yak-152 in new livery

According to the interviewee, this issue will be clarified after completion of state trials of Yak-152, and the only competitor for the contract will be Austrian plane Diamond DART-550.
Honored pilot of Russia, General Alexander Akhlyustin believes Yak-152 has more chances to win the tender. "It is just the kind of plane (Yak-152 Ė editorís remark) that pilots need for basic training. Without extra frills, the main thing is that cadets develop tactile perception of airplane control, can rapidly make decisions as of speed, altitude and flight course", he said.
In May 2018, press service of Ural Works of Civil Aviation (UWCA) told Mil.Press Today that the company would not deliver Diamond DA42Т airplanes to the Russian Airspace Force.

For reference

The primary trainer airplane Yak-152 performed the maiden flight on September 29, 2016. In spring 2018 it was reported about localization of the aircraft engine. Production of the German powerplant RED-A03T was delegated to a company named Russo-Balt. Earlier, Mil.Press Today reported that Yak-152 was tested in critical flight conditions.

After training course on Yak-152, pilots will continue practice on Yak-130. Thanks to similar avionics, cockpit ergonomics and indication, the perspective airplane integrates into the two-stage pilot training system, following with the more sophisticated operational trainer Yak-130.

Turboprop airplanes Diamond DART-550 are designed by Austrian Diamond Aircraft Industries for basic training in flight schools. The key difference of DART-550 from the previously built two flight prototypes DART-450 is the turboprop engine General Electric GE H75-100. Max takeoff weight of DART-550 is 2,400 kg, max speed near ground is 460 kph, max endurance is 8 hours.