International Far East Maritime Defense Show 2018 to Coincide with Russian Navy Day

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Sponsors of the International Far East Maritime Defense Show (IFEMDS-2018) still have not declared exact dates of the exhibition, no official memo has been signed yet, an informed insider in Rosoboronexport told Mil.Press Today. It is known, however, that the show will be timed to coincide with the Russian Navy Day to be celebrated on July 29 this year.

According to acting local governor Andrey Tarasenko reporting at the kickoff meeting on January 2018, it has been already agreed that the IFEMDS-2018 will take place in Vladivostok on the eve of the Russian Navy Day.

VIII International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg

Yury Filchenok, director of the Far East Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Center commented that the sponsors had recommended to hold the exhibition "a week before or after the Russian Navy Day".

The show will last seven days. The dates have been roughly agreed as July 29 - August 2, but the decision is not final though, a source in the local administration told Mil.Press Today.

Press services of the event’s sponsors, Ministry of Industry & Trade and Ministry for Development of Russian Far East, could not specify the dates of the exhibition. Mil.Press Today failed to contact the event’s operator, RosCongress Fund, either.

According to the press service of JSC Kampo, the uncertainty as of the dates and the pavilions leasing prices brings possible participation of the companies located in European part of the country into a question. "We have to build up logistics, marketing, PR strategy... all that needs time, and what we only have is less than a half year", said the company’s official.

For reference

IFEMDS-2018 will take place in Vladivostok on the Tsesarevich Esplanade, also on a land plot allocated for a fish market in the future. The displayed ships and boats will be moored at the esplanade’s pier or transverse pontoons.

Local authorities hope to attract 2,000 participants and 200 exhibitors, while the show’s official website has not been launched yet.

The exhibition will be held in July 2018, says a resolution of the Russian government posted early in November 2017.

The same document said the International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg would take place in 2019.