Russian Scouts to Find Enemy with New Hand-Held Radar

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Servicemen of reconnaissance units at Western Military Command deployed in Moscow Region are completing training missions with the help of Fara-VR, the newest short-range portable radar system.

The use of this radar allows for detection of hostile moving armored vehicles and manpower under low visibility and adverse terrain conditions, reports press service of Russian Defense Ministry.

Fara-VR short-range portable radar

In addition, the radar can be mounted on different types of heavy machineguns like Pecheneg and Kord, as well as automatic grenade launchers AGS-17 and AGS-30. In such combination, the radar is capable to detect and destroy the enemy timely, and being linked with a night vision system, it helps to engage group targets at total absence of optical visibility.

The radarís equipment provides for full-scale and effective reconnaissance of a terrain sector in panoramic view, identification of nature and type of an object at the distance of 4-8 km and finding its coordinates for further massive artillery and air strikes. The radar weights 12 kg, it is man-portable.

During training missions scouts practice covert battlefield relocations, deployment of the radar, carrying out reconnaissance, target detection, identification and engagement.

The Fara-VR radar system was commissioned by the Western Military Commandís reconnaissance units in the current year.