Grenade Launcherís Smart Sniper Sight Turned Up at Army-2019 Forum

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At the Army-2019 military forum, the representatives of Belarusian Optical & Mechanical Association (BelOMA) showed Mil.Press Today the sight 1P81 with ballistic computer and laser rangefinder for grenade launchers RPG-32 and SPG-9.

Except for the reticle with two range scales (1.5 m and 2.4 m), the 1P81 sight is equipped with the laser rangefinder precisely measuring the distance to the target. The sight also has the integrated full-featured ballistic computer.

Grenade launcher sight 1P81 made by BelOMA

Oleg Slipchenko, head expert at BelOMA, told Mil.Press Today that the point shooting was not only a small armsí privilege. It is not less critical for grenade launchers as the operator often has only one Ďbullís eye chanceí.

The economic aspect is important, too. A missed grenade launch costs much higher than a small armsí bad shot.

Grenade launcher sight 1P81 made by BelOMA

According to the companyís official, technological sophistication of the sights facilitates the firing process and becomes the industry trend.
"Designing of smart sights is one of development trends in the aiming equipment industry. In combat environment, the first-shot hit is a top priority for any military professional. To that end, he must define the fire mission settings. Find the target range, make up for pressure, temperature, wind, ammunition type. For that purpose, we integrated the rangefinder, the ballistic computer and the input tools into the sight", said Oleg Slipchenko.
As for the expert, the 1P81 sights were demonstrated in Jordan, where a member of the royal family tested the sight personally and highly appreciated its performance.

The sight provides for mounting of the night-vision adapter. It helps to fire under the limited visibility conditions at the distance of up to 350 meters. The adapter employs the 2G+ electronic image converter.

The sight weighs 1.5 kg, the NV adapter - 0.55 kg.

The Fifth International Military & Technical Forum Army-2019 takes place in June 25-30 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, at Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. The forum is open for experts in June 26-27, and for mass visitors in June 28-30.

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Valery Butymov

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