Russian Zala Aero Expanded Line of Loitering Munitions

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In the run-up to the Army-2019 forum, a Russian company named Zala Aero (member of Kalashnikov Concern) showed the journalists the unmanned high-precision attack system Zala Lantset. The novelty was presented by Vladimir Dmitriev, CEO at Kalashnikov Concern.

The new unmanned system is produced in two versions, Lantset-1 and Lantset-3, differing from each other by flight length, payload weight, and maximum takeoff weight.

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Zala Aero demonstrated its first kamikaze drone, KUB-BLA, at the INDEX-2019 international exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The Lantsets are distinguished from KUB by a television link enabling the operator to observe the target right up to its destruction.

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Valery Butymov

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