Tornado-G at Range and 3D Format: NPO SPLAV at Army-2019 Forum

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At the Army-2019 forum, NPO Splav (member of Techmash Concern at Rostec State Corporation) presented the three new multifunctional projectiles for Tornado-G rocket system, Vladimir Lepin, CEO at Techmash told Mil.Press Today. In 2019, combat capabilities of the new MLRS were for the first time shown at Alabino Range and in 3D format.

Three new 122-mm rockets were designed for Tornado-G system. According to Lepin, they have destruction effectiveness by times larger than standard projectiles of MLRS Grad, which is to be replaced by Tornado-G. Over 50 countries currently operate Grad and other Russian multiple launch rocket systems.

NPO Splavís booth at the Army-2019 forum

The unguided rocket with separated HE warhead is intended for destruction of uncovered and sheltered troops, unarmored vehicles, command posts, and other targets. Destruction effectiveness of this projectile is six times as much as the standard unguided HE rocket of Grad system.

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The unguided rocket with cluster HEDP warhead destroys a target at the distance up to 20 km piercing the 140-mm thick armor. Its performance is 10 times as high as the standard rocket of MLRS Grad.

The third unguided rocket designed for Tornado-G is armed with a lethal HE warhead. The projectile is twice as effective as the standard rocket of MLRS Grad.

MLRS Tornado fires

Combat potential of the new MLRS was for the first time demonstrated during the jubilee fifth Army forum at Alabino Range. Operation of Tornado-G is also shown at the booth of NPO Splav. By putting on 3D glasses, visitors can see the system in action. The model has a high-level granularity and clearly demonstrates the systemís capabilities, the companyís officials told Mil.Press Today.
In 2018, overall volume of military products supplied by NPO Splav overrun the 2017 results by 2.5 times, the Techmash director Vladimir Lepin shared. Over the last five years, this figure has grown by 20 times.
In addition, NPO Splav presented export weapons at the Army-2019 forum. These are modernized MLRS Grad and Smerch, their rockets with warheads for different purposes and firing range up to 40 km and 90 km, respectively.

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Foreign operators were offered modernization programs of previously sold vehicles, rockets for TOC-1A, and the new-generation 80-mm unguided airborne rocket S-8OFP with HE penetrative warhead and the small-size high-powered composite propellant engin.

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The multiple launch rocket system Tornado-G was commissioned in the Russian Army in 2014 as a substitute for MLRS Grad. The combat vehicle is equipped with the automated guidance and fire control system and the prelaunch/launch equipment.

MLRS Tornado-G designed and produced by NPO Splav (division of Techmash Concern at Rostec State Corporation)

The Ganichev NPO Splav, a division of Techmash Concern at Rostec State Corporation, is the Russiaís leader in designing and production management of multiple launch rocket systems for the Russian Army and the Navy, and unguided airborne weapons for the Airspace Force. In April 2019, the company was officially renamed into the Ganichev NPO Splav.

The Fifth International Military & Technical Forum Army-2019 takes place in June 25-30 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, at Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. The forum is open for experts in June 26-27, and for mass visitors in June 28-30.

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