Russian Navy Comissioned New Submarine

Rubric: Russia

The Krasnodar newest diesel-electric 636.6 project submarine was put in service of the Russian Navy. St Andrew’s Flag has been flown over the submarine by the order of Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Victor Chirkov.

Krasnodar is the fourth diesel-electric 636.6 project submarine, which has been built by Admiralteyskiye verphi shipyard for the Black Sea Fleet, Russian Defence Ministry reports.

Diesel-electric submarine Krasnodar

Novorossiysk, the first project 636.3 submarine, has been put into service of the Black Sea Fleet. Rostov-on-Don submarine passed armament trials held at the Northern Fleet and is joining the Black Sea Fleet. The third diesel-electric submarine Stary Oskol is passing armament trials at the Northern Fleet at the moment.

Kolpino and Veliky Novgorod submarines are being built by the Admiralteyskiye verphi shipyard.