Italy to Build a Nuke Subs Disposal Ship for Russia

Rubric: Russia

In April 2016, Italian shipyard Muggiano owned by Fincantieri will complete building of a specialized ship Itarus designed for operations with reactor blocks of nuclear submarines and nuclear maintenance ships.

The ship was ordered by FSUE "RosRAO" (subordinate of the state corporation Rosatom), reports Korabel.Ru.

Hull of Itarus under construction

Itarus is a non-propelled ship designed for operations related to lifting, transportation and placing on the stocks of floating multisectional reactor blocks. Constructively, the ship represents a steel unit-type box dock.

In the spring 2016 Itarus will head for the port of Murmansk for further handover to the customer.

In 2003, governments of Italy and Russia agreed to cooperate in creation of infrastructure for safe handling of nuclear fuel, nuclear waste processing and disposal of decommissioned Russian nuclear-powered submarines in the waters of Russia’s northern seas. Italy allocated EUR 310 mln under the Global Partnership program.

These money were spent on construction of hardened shelters over radioactive waste depositories, and disposal of six nuke subs. In 2011, Fincantieri shipyard fulfilled the order of FSUE "Federal Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety" and built a specialized ship Rossita designed for transportation of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

Specifications of Itarus ship:

length overall – 85 meters;
beam overall – 31.2 meters;
towage draft – approx. 7.7 meters;
operational draft – 24.5 meters;
height to erection top deck – 29 meters;
deadweight – approx. 3,500 tons;
max towage speed – 6 knots;
fuel endurance – 7 days;
crew – 6 persons;
life cycle – 50 years.