Russia’s Newest Radar Voronezh-DM Detected Real Ballistic Target

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The latest Russian prefabricated radar system Voronezh-DM deployed near Yeniseysk in Siberia for the first time detected a real ballistic target at the northeast missile-threat direction, reported RIA Novosti on Wednesday, October 5, referring to the RTI concern’s press service.

Early in 2000’s it was decided in Russia to develop a line of sophisticated radars Voronezh-DM, including those near Yeniseysk, in order to improve national missile warning system. This long-range radar is designed to monitor the northeast (North America's) direction that has not been covered before.

Voronezh radar

The Voronezh-DM radar is capable to find precise coordinates of ballistic missiles’ launch sites and track them.

"Detection by the Yeniseysk-based radar of the real ballistic target proved it was appropriate to make a line of long-range radars to strengthen national defense", said the RTI press service.

However, it was not officially reported when and what kind of ballistic target was detected.