Designing of Deck-Based MiG-35 Not Started Yet

Rubric: Russia, Industry, Future

The Russian aircraft company MIG has not launched designing works on the deck-based version of the newest fighter jet MiG-35, the company’s director general Ilya Tarasenko told Mil.Today at the Army-2017 forum.

"For export purposes, there is a reliable ship-based version of MiG-29, that fighter has proved itself well enough", Tkachenko added.

MiG-35 fighter at MAKS-2017

According to him, Russia has already sold 46 such deck-based airplanes to India, and will again offer ‘twenty nines’ in the new Indian tender for ship-based fighters.

These jets remain the only deck aircraft operated by Indian Navy, said the MIG’s director.

Tarasenko did not mention commencement dates for the deck-based MiG-35 designing. Meanwhile, the larger Su-33 airplanes are not serially produced at the moment.

MiG-35 is well suited for the functions of deck-based fighter, Russian deputy defense minister Yury Borisov told Mil.Today on July 17 at the MAKS-2017 international air show.