Launching Date of Petr Morgunov Landing Ship Not Defined Yet

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Although basic equipment of the second Project 11711 Petr Morgunov large-size landing ship has been almost loaded onboard, precise date of launching is not set yet, press service of Yantar shipyard told Mil.Today.

"Loading of major equipment onboard the ship is being completed now. This makes closer the launching ceremony, however, the exact date is not set yet", said Sergei Mikhailov, the shipyard’s press secretary.

Project 11711 landing ship

According to the manufacturers, the question is loading of engine, diesel generators, cooling machinery, and other equipment placed in ship’s premises.

After taking the sea, the ship will be under construction for about two years, said Andrei Frolov, editor of Arms Export magazine. "Nonetheless, these ships are quite important. No ships of this class have been commissioned since the Soviet times, while the old ones are intensively operated", the expert added.

The first serial ship of project 11711, Petr Morgunov, was laid down in June 2015. Rear Admiral Vladimir Tryapichnikov heading the Russian Navy’s shipbuilding department announced then the ship’s handover was scheduled in 2018.

In May 2017, the navy’s spokesman Capt 1 Rank Igor Dygalo declared the ship would be launched for further completion even that summer.

In the summer 2017, after a delay caused by degaussing problems, the shipyard’s trials of the project’s lead ship, Ivan Gren, resumed, and in October the ship took the Baltic Sea again. Timelines of the state trials are not defined yet. The shipyard plans to hand the ship over before the yearend.

Project 11711 landing ship displaces 5,000 tons. The hull length is 120 meters, beam is 16.5 meters, speed is up to 18 knots. The crew is 100 men. The ship will be capable to carry 13 tanks or 36 IFVs, and up to 300 men landing party. The ship is armed with three 6-barreled 30-mm gun mounts and two Ka-29 transport and attack helicopters.