New Quadcopter-Based System to Locate Drone Operators

Rubric: Ex-USSR, Future

Belarusian design bureau Radar equipped a quadcopter with a system capable to locate position of drone operators. The Groza-O project is a development of the same-named family of anti-drone electronic warfare systems.

"Apart from the location finder, the new Groza is equipped with a camera detecting the place where the drone is controlled", Anatoly Kosteyev, deputy director for international cooperation at the Radar design bureau told Mil.Press Today. This helps to capture a vehicle number or a place where the operator sits, promptly react and arrest the violator. Moreover, thanks to the long-range distance, Groza-O remains invisible for the target.

Drone operator

Quadcopters are often used to deliver prohibited items to prisons or other penitentiary facilities. In this case, Groza-O will come useful for law enforcement agencies, the interviewee believes.

"Locating the drone operators is an unusual challenge that causes many questions. For one, what kind of a signal should be fixed, as there are arrays of signals within the frequency band used to control drones? When using this system in the military, you have to know the opponent, the drones applied and their control principles well enough to find the needed signal", says Valentin Syrachev, deputy director at NPP Radar MMS.
"This method has a drawback though. The location-finding copter can be easily jammed, just place the low-power sensors within its operational radius, and they will interfere with effective work. Anyway, we should give dues to Belarusian experts. Having designed a prototype, they took an important step in this promising area. Sure, many companies will work in this direction soon", he stressed.
Earlier on, the Radar bureau designed several versions of anti-drone electronic warfare systems. The Groza family includes self-propelled EW systems based on various chassis, a man-portable electronic gun version, and a stationary system protecting strategic facilities and capable to locate drone operators as well.