PHOTO: UEC’s Engines for Russian Military Shown at MFD-2018

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At the International Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Forum (MFD-2018) held in Moscow in April 4-6 at VDNKh, the United Engine Corporation (UEC, member of Rostec) summarized the decade of operations. The whole range of the company’s basic projects was presented at the exposition, from military aircraft engines to gas turbine industrial powerplants.

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TV7-117PS engine for Il-112V military transport aircraft and Il-114-300 middle-range liner debuted on the forum. Also, UEC brought the following engines for warplanes: AL-41F-1S, RD-33MK, AL-31FN and AI-222-25, the marine gas turbine engine M70FRU and the turbojet engine for subsonic UAVs TRDD-50AT (36MT), civil engines SaM146 for Sukhoi Superjet 100 and PD-14 being designed for the Russian airliner MS-21, and other projects.