VIDEO: Jubilee Exposition of United Engine Corporation at MFD-2018

Rubric: Russia, Video

Booth of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) occupied the central position at the International Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Forum (MFD-2018); in April, the company celebrates 10-th anniversary. Alexander Vatagin, executive director at ODK-STAR, told Mil.Press Today about one of the key showpieces, engine TV7-117ST for the military transport aircraft Il-112V. Sergey Ostapenko, managing director at ODK-STAR, shared the prospects for development of engine control systems. And Yury Skluyev, advertisement and exhibition director at Kuznetsov PJSC, recalled the ‘reborn’ of the rocket engine NK-33 brought operational by UEC.

MFD-2018 was held in Moscow in April 4-6. UEC presented the whole range of its basic projects, from military aircraft engines to gas turbine industrial powerplants.

The visitors had a chance to see the full-scale samples of military aircraft engines AL-41F-1S, RD-33MK, AL-31FN and AI-222-25, civil engines SaM146 for Sukhoi Superjet 100 and PD-14 being designed for the Russian passenger liner MS-21. The marine gas turbine engine M70FRU took a special place on the booth demonstrating the UEC’s achievements in founding the national gas-turbine engineering.