Russia to Impose Export Control on Marine Gas Turbines

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Exported Russian gas turbine engines are to be under control. This information was posted on the Federal Portal of Draft Legal Acts.

Gas turbines are mentioned in the project certificate "On amendments in the list of dual-purpose products and technologies that can be used for development of weapons and military hardware and are subject to export control".

Marine turbines produced by NPO Saturn

The document deals with marine gas turbine engines, including industrial or aircraft ones meant for ship powerplants or electric generators.

In particular, the turbines operation must conform to standards of ISO 3977-2:1977 or its national equivalent. The draft law was already approved, though the relevant presidential decree No. 1661 dated December 11, 2011 has not been updated yet.
According to an informed insider at ODK-Saturn that produces marine gas turbines, the working construction documents for gas turbines M70FRU-2 and M70FRU-R were classified as "O1". As for him, this allows the company to kick off batch production.
In October 2018, Mil.Press Today reported that Russian gas turbine engines still could not be called fully mass produced.

For reference

It is planned to mount Russian gas turbines on Project 22350 and Project 22350M frigates, Project 20386 corvettes (M90FR), Project 1164 guided missile cruisers, Project 1155 large ASW ships, Project 11356 patrol ships, Project 22800 corvettes, Project 1241 guided missile boats (M70FRU-R), and Project 12322 Zubr-class and Project 12061 Murena-class air cushion landing ships (M70FRU-2).

Dmitry Zhavoronkov