Russia Released Image of Batch-Produced Submarine Rescue Ship

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Mil.Press Today is publishing the first conceptual design of the Project 21300 Dolphin-class first serial submarine salvage ship developed by Almaz Design Bureau for the Russian Navy. The ship is to be equipped with the national deep-sea diving system GVK-300, the navy’s expert panel submitted the relevant offer to the office of the Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief, two informed sources told Mil.Press Today.

Session of the expert panel was held on December 11. Currently, the navy command is considering its results.

3D-model of Project 21300 batch-produced submarine rescuer with GVK-300

Development of the rescue ship project will be continued by Almaz design bureau and Tetis Pro, a company that supplied GVK-450 diving system for the project’s lead ship, Igor Belousov. Adaptation of the Russian-made GVK-300 system to the salvage ship is in question as well.
"Physically, the serial rescuers can be equipped either with a system similar to GVK-450 or the Russian-made GVK-300. Moreover, both the rescue ship and the Bester submersible can be keel-laid even in 2019", an insider in Almaz bureau told Mil.Press Today.
The design bureau presented the updated version of Dolphin project back in November 2017: the ship’s length and displacement increased, as well as the space for crew and equipment.

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The Russian Navy started considering the concept of advanced "maximally import-substituted" deep-sea diving system for the submarine salvage ships early in the falls of 2018. According to Mil.Press Today, Russian industry is capable to substitute imported components of the submersible only by 60-80%.

The then deputy defense minister Yury Borisov told Mil.Press Today in December 2017 that construction of Dolphin-class rescuers had been scheduled in the State Arms Procurement Program 2027 with regard to the fleets’ demands. The Russian Navy needs at least four ships of this kind.

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