Alexandrite-Class Minesweepers to Get Russian-Made Deck Cranes

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Project 12700 Alexandrite-class mine countermeasure ships must be equipped with home-produced low-magnetic deck cranes, concluded representatives of the Russian Navy and military industry convened at the United Shipbuilding Corporation’s meeting in the 2018 yearend, the two informed insiders told Mil.Press Today.

The meeting was attended by the naval officials, delegates from Almaz design bureau, Sredne-Nevsky shipyard, United Shipbuilding Corporation, and potential crane manufacturers. According to one of Almaz designers in charge for minesweeper projects, there was a fundamental decision as of switching to the Russian deck equipment. Further, the question will be related to the industry, he summarized. Along with that, the import substitution terms still remain cloudy.

Project 12700 minesweepers Aleksandr Obukhov and Ivan Antonov in one order

The first two ships in series were equipped with foreign-made cranes. In the latter case, the matter is the low-magnetic (titanium) version of HTFC-2.2T10M-A-LM hydraulic telescopic-boom crane.

Among other missions, the device is designed for lifting of an unmanned distant-controlled boat. According to the specifications, the crane’s capacity is at least 2.2 tons, max handling radius from the stand axis is 9 meters. Materials of the crane’s components should be made of low-magnetic alloys like aluminum or titanic ones.

On May 31, 2016, Sredne-Nevsky shipyard announced the request for proposals regarding supplies of such cranes. The trigger price was 82 mln rubles. Four companies submitted bids then. On August 19, Sredne-Nevsky shipyard posted a notice of refusal from procurement.

On April 17, 2018, the yard tied a contract with the Singapore company named Titan Offshore Equipment Pte Ltd for supervision and adjustment works and participation in mooring trials and revision stage of HTFC-2.2T10M-A-LM cranes. Cost of works is 126,300 SGD, which is about 6 mln rubles.

An informed insider told Mil.Press Today that Sredne-Nevsky shipyard had been tasked to prepare information about delivery terms and purchase procedures for other three minesweepers.

For reference

Project 12700 Alexandrite-class composite minesweepers were designed by Almaz bureau as the new-generation mine countermeasure ships. They are equipped with sonars mounted both onboard and on remotely controlled and standalone underwater vehicles; however, the ships can use traditional sweep armament as well. In addition, Alexandrite-class minesweepers operate the unmanned motorboats.

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