Russian Defense Minister Announced Keel-Laying of Two Frigates and Two Landing Ships in April

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Two Project 22350 frigates and two Project 11711 large landing ships for the Russian Navy will be laid down in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad shipyards on April 23, said Russian defense minister Sergey Shoygu on Tuesday.

Shoygu specified at the video conference in the defense ministry that the frigates would be keel-laid at Severnaya Verf shipyard in Saint Petersburg, and landing ships at Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad.

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"At the same time, Severnaya Verf will assembly large hull sections of the Project 20386 corvette. The ship will be named after the Russian brig Mercury, which brave feat will turn 190 years in May", reports TASS citing the defense ministry.

Shoygu added that the frigates, the landing ships and the corvette were planned to join the Russian Navy by 2025.

As a reminder, in March the industry-related insiders told Mil.Press Today that keels of the other two Project 22350 frigates for the Russian Navy would be laid in 2019. Further, the two informed sources shared with Mil.Press Today last week it had been planned to kick off construction of two Project 11711 landing ships at Yantar shipyard in 2019-2020.
Severnaya Verf caters to the shipbuilding programs of the Russian defense ministry, the yard’s director Igor Ponomarev told Mil.Press Today. "We can build eight Project 22350 frigates, and if the client sets this task, we’ll hack it", he said. Officials from the both shipyards declined to comment whether any shipbuilding contracts for frigates or landing ships had been already tied.

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The Russian Navy has been operating the lead Project 22350 frigate Admiral Gorshkov since July 2018. The first serial frigate, Admiral Kasatonov, is preparing for another phase of sea trials to join the navy in the falls.

Experts of the Nevsky Design Bureau began to develop Project 11711 landing ship late in 1990’s. The lead ship, Ivan Gren, was laid down at Yantar shipyard in December 2004 and launched in May 2012. The ship was commissioned on June 20, 2018. Keel of the second ship in series, Pyotr Morgunov, was laid in June 2015. It took the sea three years later, in May 2018. Currently, the ship completes the sea trials and prepares for the state testing. Its commissioning is scheduled in this year.