Project 20386 Corvettes Fully Substitute Project 11356 Frigates, Russian Navy’s Official Says

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In the Russian Navy, Project 20386 corvettes will completely replace Project 11356 frigates, reports Mil.Press Today referring to the director of the Russian Navy’s shipbuilding and armament department, Vladimir Tryapichnikov, at the launching ceremony of the Project 12700 (Alexandrite class) minesweeper Vladimir Yemelyanov.

The Project 20386 multipurpose corvettes were developed at Almaz Design Bureau. They are intended for short/long-range naval warfare, protection of sea lanes and maritime commercial facilities.

One of appearance options for Project 20386 corvette

Displacing 3,400 tons (length 109 meters), the ships will be armed with A-190-01 100-mm artillery system, two AK-630M 30-mm artillery mounts, Redut air defense system, two Paket-NK antisubmarine system launchers, and Caliber high-precision cruise missiles (or Uran antiship missiles). Also, each corvette will carry either Ka-27 or Ka-29 helicopter.

The Project 20386 lead ship was laid down on September 28, 2016 at Severnaya Verf shipyard. Initially called Derzky, in 2019 it was renamed into Mercury, after the Imperial Russian Navy’s brig. The shipbuilders plan to launch the ship in the spring of 2021.

Currently, the Russian Navy operates three Project 11356 frigates: Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov. Building of the second trio of the project was suspended after frustrated deliveries of the gas turbine powerplants made by Ukrainian Zorya-Mashproject.

Displacement of Project 11356 frigates is 4,000 tons, speed is 30 knots, endurance is 30 days; onboard weapons include: A-190 100-mm artillery mount, air defense artillery/missile systems, torpedo and ASW warfare facilities, and Caliber-NK long-range cruise missiles. The frigates accommodate Ka-27 or Ka-31 helicopters.