New Russian Aircraft Carrier Debuted at IMDS-2019 Naval Show

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At the International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2019), Nevskoe Design Bureau rolled out the advanced aircraft carrier codenamed Lamantin (stands for ‘manatee’), spot-reports Mil.Press Today. The ship’s model was shown at the bureau’s booth in the pavilion of United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

Designers envision that Lamantin would provide stationing and combat use of the air group including various types of aircraft capable to counter enemy’s air, sea (surface and underwater) and land components, as well as onshore facilities in ocean, sea and littoral zones. Besides, the ship will maintain sustainability of naval groupings and cover landing assault troops from attacks and air strikes.

Model of Lamantin aircraft carrier
"The conceptual project of Lamantin carrier is based on the legacy of the Project 1143.7 heavy nuclear-powered aircraft-carrying cruiser Ulyanovsk. So, we and the Russian Navy offer to consider the option of a nuke powerplant", Aleksey Yukhnin, deputy director for shipbuilding and military cooperation at Nevskoe Design Bureau told Mil.Press Today.
According to the project, the Lamantin-class carrier displaces 80-90 thousand tons, its length is up to 350 meters, beam is about 41 meters, draft is 12 meters, full speed is up to 30 knots, endurance is 120 days, crew is 2,800 men plus 800 men aircraft staff.

The aircraft carrier will accommodate up to 60 aircraft (planes and helicopters) and 6-10 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Thus, taking into account the project offered by Nevskoe bureau, Russian Navy now may choose out of four carriers. Other three conceptual projects were designed by Krylov State Research Center. They are Project 23000 Storm ship displacing up to 95-100 thousand tons, the ‘mid-sized’ aircraft carrier displacing 76,000 tons, and the multipurpose Storm-KM carrier with semi-catamaran lines. Its full displacement is somewhat 44,000 tons.

The Ninth International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2019) takes place in Saint Petersburg in July 10-14. In the first three days, from July 10 to July 14, the exhibition is open for experts and international guests; in July 13-14 it welcomes wide public.

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Dmitry Zhavoronkov

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