Urban Recon UAV ‘Veer’ Shown at Army-2020 in New Look

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The Russian company named ENICS impressed the visitors of the Army-2020 military forum with an up-to-date quadcopter for urban and battle edge reconnaissance. Based on modular principle, UAV Veer is currently offered with two payload variants. First is a tenfold zoom HD camera; second is a three-spectrum camera for far/near IR regions and visible range.

The system is designed for day-and-night optronic reconnaissance and can operate in three modes: standalone (full radio silent flight mission), automatic (ground-controlled adjustments), and semi-automatic (ground-controlled azimuth and altitude).

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Key advantage of UAV Veer is its unification in payloads and ground control station with already commissioned airplane-type drones Eleron. This improves responsiveness and flexibility of usage UAV systems at short ranges without the need for staff retraining. Such unification is the customer’s demand, emphasized the ENICS spokesman.

Currently, Veer passes manufacturer’s trials and is preparing to launch the state ones.

- operating radius limited by online HD video transmission: 10 km;
- airspeed range: 0-50 km/h;
- navigation: GPS, GLONASS, heading;
- MTOW: 4 kg;
- max payload weight: up to 1 kg;
- endurance: 40-60 minutes, depends on payload.

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Payload of the whole Eleron family and the new Veer allows for the operators to observe the entire lower hemisphere thanks to 360° rotation of cameras, in contrast to many comparables.
Unification of the new Veer with Eleron drones and same production standards can guarantee to customers the quality and reliability of the new system. UAVs Eleron were used in Syrian campaign as target markers for Russian Airspace Force, and in Arctic expeditions at active stations North Pole. The new quadcopter is also suitable for any terrain: woods, mountains, Arctic or deserts.

Apart from supplies of drones, today ENICS acts as a sectoral competence center. The company is the base for the licensed training facility for UAV operators. Throughout four years, over 600 professionals have passed training course there, including representatives of security agencies.

The Army-2020 international military and technical forum takes place in August 23-29 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase.

First few days are open for experts only, and since August 27, any visitors are allowed to attend the exhibition.

On August 24, a video presentation of defense innovations ArmyOnline was released.

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