TV7-117ST Engine Ready for Flight Tests on Il-112V

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The full-size specimen of the new turboprop engine TV7-117ST made by ODK-Klimov (member of the United Engine Corporation) was for the first time publicly presented at the 3rd International Aero-Engine Manufacturing Forum (MFD-2018). Now the engine is pending the approval for the first flight on the perspective military transport airplane Il-112V, the UEC director general Alexander Artyukhov said during the business part of the forum.


According to ODK-Klimov, the demonstrated engine was used at the ground runs held in September 2016. The company then made a testing facility capable to test the powerplant along with the propeller, nacelle, and other airplane elements like wing and body.

Engine TV7-117ST at the MDF-2018 expo
"The key objective within the TV7-117ST contract is to perform the first airplane flight. For that end, we have completed the whole range of trials, including the flight inside the air laboratory. The aircraft factory has received new engines. So, we’ve fulfilled all conditions required to obtain the first flight approval", Alexander Artyukhov told Mil.Press Today.
The UEC director added that the works on other aspects of the first flight program were underway as well.

The engine’s testbed trials were held in September 2016, and in a year, in September 2017, the flight tests of the powerplant began on the air laboratory Il-76LL. The first phase ended in December. As a result of the tests, the TV7-117ST engine and the AV-112 propeller were found ready for the first flight on the Il-112V airplane.

The engine endurance tests still continue. In 2018, the ahead flight tests on the air laboratory Il-76LL will continue. The research and development project will finish in 2020.

In February 2017, UEC supplied two prototype powerplants TV7-117ST to the Voronezh Aircraft Association to equip the first testing airplane Il-112V.

According to Alexander Vatagin, executive director at ODK-Klimov, in the nearest future the company will supply another two powerplants for the second Il-112 airplane to the Voronezh factory.

The MFD exhibition is held once in two years. The forum is sponsored and arranged by the United Engine Corporation. The exhibitor is the International Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers. The core event in 2018 was the 10-th anniversary of UEC. The exhibition takes place in Moscow, at VDNKh (Pav. 75, Hall B) in April 4-6.