State Trials of Arctic Rover Suspended

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Russian military will consider commissioning of the new two-section swamp/snow-going Arctic-class vehicle DT-3PM later than initially planned. The state trials of the rover are suspended, a well-informed insider told Mil.Press Today.

According to him, the tests are to be resumed at the end of this summer.

Two-section tracked snow/swamp-going amphibious transporter DT-3PM

The reason is the need for "some minor changes to the vehicle design to meet the military demands" and "a slight adaptation of the engine", the source added.

Initially, the transporter was equipped with the 240-hp engine YaMZ-540, but in 2017 it obtained the new YaMZ-53677 (312 hp) that is supposed to improve the vehicle’s off-road performance.

DT-3PM rover was designed by the Vityaz Machine-building Company, a member of the UralVagonZavod corporation (SC Rostec). It started state trials on December 1, 2017.

The vehicle was developed under R&D project codenamed Korobochka. Another rover built under the same project, GAZ-3344-20 with 250-kg lower cargo capacity, has been already commissioned by the Russian Defense Ministry.
Russian military needs the vehicles like DT-3PM and GAZ-3344-20, especially in the context of Arctic explorations, Gen. Vladislav Polonsky, headed the Russian Army’s Tank Automotive Command in 2004-2007 told Mil.Press Today. According to him, these rovers will fill the niche between small snowmobiles/Trekol-type rovers and the heavy two-section tractors like DT-10 and DT-30.

For reference

DT-3PM rover was designed for transportation of personnel, weapons and military hardware, towage of artillery systems and army trailers in extremely severe climatic conditions like virgin snows, tundra, woods, swamps, and mountains.

The vehicle’s loaded weight is 11.4 tons; cargo capacity of the first section is 0.75 tons, the second one – 2.25 tons; passenger capacity is 5 men in the first section and 12 men inside the second one.