Russia Developed Cloud-Making Technology to Cover Strategic Missiles

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Experts at the Serpukhov branch of the Peter the Great Strategic Missile Forces Military Academy have developed and successfully tested a special generator capable to make aerosol clouds to cover mobile strategic missile systems like Yars, Topol-M and Topol from an enemy.

Basic component of the aerosol generator is a pulse combustion chamber. The invention makes aerosol screens (or artificial clouds) to conceal land-based mobile missile systems (LBMMS), reported press service of Russian Defense Ministry.

Strategic missile system Yars

Composition of aerosol may be different; primarily, it is based on small disperse particles that conceal LBMMS facilities from space observation, and, therefore, protect them from potential destruction by precision weapons.

The generator has already successfully passed tests at the Academy’s branch.

According to Lt. Col. Aleksei Solodovnikov, an instructor at the Academy’s launchers and missiles department, "the device is light-weighted, man-portable and has no analogs; moreover, in contrast to current screening facilities, it is a multiple-use system".

"Right now they use common smoke flares that work for a short period of time. Our generator produces aerosol permanently. Once being mounted along a perimeter, it may lay an area curtain. Besides, it considers wind direction, so if the wind changes, the device can be carried to any other place", explained Aleksei Solodovnikov.

He added that "it can produce not only aerosol but be also used to perform disinfection, decontamination of military hardware, so full special treatment of missile systems".

The generator operates at two modes, i.e. heat generating and aerosol clouding. If the cloud is not required, the system may be used to heat hangars, tents with hardware, etc. Civil applications are possible as well, e.g. insect pest control.