Russian Arms Supply Ships to Get Domestic Deck Equipment

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LLC Ship Building Ship Repair (SBSR) has started production of in-house designed launch/recovery systems for Project 20360M sea-going armament carriers being built at Vympel Shipyard (Rybinsk, Russia) for the Russian Navy, the company’s head designer Evgeny Zozulya told Mil.Press Today.

According for him, most components of launch/recovery systems for boats (RB20) and rafts (RB30) are made in Russia.

Project 20360M sea-going arms supply ship

Only windlasses and slewing rings were imported, specified Zozulya. The company also produces spreader bars, lifting gears and electric vacuum pumps for the arms supply ships.
About a half of Russian deck equipment market is currently occupied by imported products, a top manager of a Russian marine cranes manufacturing facility shared. Domestic producers are mainly wending the way of local assembly of their Western partners’ projects, since the ‘from scratch’ mastering of technology requires huge investments. Another problem, speaking of defense contracts, is complex approval procedures.
Up to 80% of the Russian marine cranes market is controlled by Palfinger now. Among others, the company owns the INMAN plant in Bashkiria. In summer 2017, the Kingisepp Machine Building Plant declared preparation to localize manufacturing of marine cranes by Italian Sormec. Later on, Sormec changed the partner in Russia for SBSR. According to a well-aware insider, the Italian company then opted out of the full localization in Russia. So far, Mil.Press Today has failed to find out about the plans of SBSR and Sormec to arrange joint production of deck equipment.

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Project 20360M sea-going arms supply ships were designed by Vympel bureau in Nizhny Novgorod. They are built at the same-named shipyard in Rybinsk; two ships of the kind were keel-laid on May 5, 2017 and March 15, 2018. They are to be handed over to the military in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The lead ship will be deployed at the Black Sea Fleet, the first serial one will serve at the Baltic Fleet.

Dmitry Zhavoronkov