Russia Designed Underwater Drone to Survey Rapid Rivers

Rubric: Russia, Industry

The WHALE Underwater Robotechnics Laboratory has designed a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) for bottom survey of rivers with strong current named Igla, the labís director Mikhail Loktionov told Mil.Press Today.

"Midstreams of many our rivers, including Volga, are researched insufficiently because of rapid current, so divers cannot work in some places. We have performed trials, and now are finalizing the underwater drone", Loktionov commented.

ROV Igla at maneuvering tests

The designers are to select an optimal configuration of the underwater robot to make it more stable in rapid currents.

The Igla remotely controlled underwater vehicle is designed for operations in the rivers with current speed up to 7 mps. It may be equipped with 2-4 engines with overall thrust of 7-14 kgf, tilted FULL HD video camera, compass and depth sensor. Igla helps to survey submerged pipelines while laying and maintenance procedures, and search for sunken objects. Diving depth of the underwater robot is 1,000 meters.

Igor Skrylev, head engineer at Marine Geodesy, commented on the Igla project.
"The concept seems good, but I guess the vehicle should carry more serious payload, different sonars and sensors. Also, its cable may drift at great depths. The designers must think of how to avoid these bottlenecks", said the expert.
Upon the remedy of the defects, ROV Igla will be presented to potential customers.

Sergey Nechay