PHOTO: Science & Technology Center ZASLON at Army-2018 Forum

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At the Army-2018 forum, ZASLON Science &Technology Center presented modular gun units with cassettes for different kinds of carriers. MLRS Sel with S-8 rockets debuted at the exhibition. Also, ZASLON center displayed general-purpose ground-support equipment, in particular, airfield air conditioners, mobile power supply units, and the aircraft hydraulic systems tester.

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Among other showpieces of ZASLON center are onboard radars for civil and military helicopters, and the multifunctional radar system for Russian Navy’s future surface ships. Also, ZASLON presented mobile data processing centers, components for artillery and other projects.

The Army-2018 forum was held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.