Medical Exosuit May Turn Into Combat Version

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Prototypes of the medical exosuits Remotion designed for rehab of locomotive-disable patients may underlie a combat exoskeleton, representatives of the Mechatronic Systems laboratory told Mil.Press Today at the Army-2019 forum.

Development of medical exoskeletons began in 2017 by the order of Volzhsky Electromechanical Plant (division of Almaz-Antey concern). The first prototype was made in half a year, and now the product prepares for qualification tests, and the plant has mastered batch production. Expectedly, the medical device will enter the market early in 2020.

Sample of the medical exoskeleton

According to Alexander Kudryavtsev, CEO of Mechatronic Systems, the exosuit is intended to help patients with locomotive disability caused by different traumas or brain attacks. Using the microdrives, the device corrects movement of the patient’s legs, thus the brain registers artificial walking algorithm and learns to walk again.

Besides, the exoskeleton is equipped with additional systems speeding up the rehabilitation process. A special unit is responsible for functional electrostimulation of muscles, and electromyography sensors check tissue tone helping to correct the therapy, if needed.
"We’re finishing this project now and preparing to launch the new robotechnics ones, both in medicine and defense industry. We’ve got a plenty of them", said Alexander Kudryavtsev. "In this area, we actively interact with the direct customer and representatives of Almaz-Antey. One of the promising trends that kindles interest of all our colleagues is designing of a combat exoskeleton".
As for the designer, In Russia people address to that topic quite much, though the projects fail to implement. In many ways, the reason is hardly resolvable technical problems. The first problem is related to high energy consumption of such system. The second issue is dimensions and weight hindering effective use of these assets. Designing of a functioning prototype capable to perform particular missions needs a new approach.
"We know the problems and have solutions. However, this needs a huge amount of research works", added the director of Mechatronic Systems. "Designing of the medical exosuit gave us much. I mean not only proven technologies and technical solutions, but an experience, too. Now it is hard to predict how much time and forces the researches would need, but if such task is given to us, I’m sure we will achieve much".
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