Sealed Field Armrack to Appear at Army-2019 Forum

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At the upcoming Army-2019 forum, the Russian company named ArmyPlasticBox will present the solutions for field storage of weapons and ammunitions based on the own-produced tightly closed containers. Among them is the armrack, the personal case of a special forces soldier for small arms and ammunition, and a transformer case for mobile staff office.

A vertical support system will allow for using the case as an armrack. According to the manufacturers, this solution will reduce preparation time for marching to a mission area, receipt and handover of weapons in field conditions, arrangement of arms storage rooms in temporary accommodation areas.

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The cases made by ArmsPlasticBox were tested by Special Operations Forces deployed in Syria, the company’s CEO, German Alekseyev told Mil.Press Today. The containers are casted and environment-proof under IP67 standard, he added.

Except for the multifunctional cases, at the upcoming Army-2019 exhibition the company will present a general-purpose warehouse modular unit and a framed container fixture element allowing for multilevel modular storage.

Warehouse modular unit

In the interview to Mil.Press Today, a veteran of the Syrian campaign summed up the advantages of the ArmyPlasticBox solutions.
"Each unit taking part in combat actions, drills or field camp has an array of inventories like weapons, entrenching tools, instruments, communication aids, personal belongings, and a sergeant is responsible for all that stuff. Normally, it is put in any available boxes, sometimes improvised, which hinders transportation. Sure, if the army gets the robust multipurpose cases with well-arranged storage system, that’d be for a good cause", said the expert.
Mass adoption of solutions of this kind directly depends on the standardization process for military containers made of advanced materials that is supposed to replace the wooden ones. In 2019, it is planned to adopt three national standards to regulate classification of containers, technical specifications and testing procedures for boxes. By the beginning of the year, only the first standard is at the final stage of development. One of the key requirements applied by the military to the advanced containers is fireproofing.

The international military and technical forum Army-2019 will be held in June 25-30 in Patriot Congress & Expo Center, at Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase.

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