Share of Russian Software in Shipbuilding Industry Found Miniscule

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The import substitution process in industrial software, e.g. shipbuilding, goes on slowly. In 2018, the share of Russian-made software was about 10-20%, reported Mil.Press Today from the roundtable held on December 13 at Krylov State Research Center.

Last Friday, the center hosted a joint session of Information & Communication Technology Committee of the Defense Industry Support League and Shipbuilding Industry Committee of the Russian Engineering Union. The topic was "Digitalization of Shipbuilding Companies with Russian-Made Automated Lifecycle Management Systems under RD Projects".

Information model of Varshavyanka-class diesel submarine
In 2018, the share of foreign software procured by industrial companies made 80%, said in the opening address Vladimir Gutenev, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee for economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship. In fact, the last year’s value has dropped by 4% against the previous year. Same situation is seen in shipbuilding, too.
In 2015, the Russian ministry of industry and trade decreed to reduce the share of foreign software used by some shipbuilding entities from 90-100% to 10-20% by 2020.

"We do realize that such requirements will not be met [in time – editor’s remark]", the official commented.

According to Alexey Rakhmanov, president of United Shipbuilding Corporation who also attended the meeting, substitution of imported software cannot be successful unless Russian IT companies come together to form a sort of an alliance. Russian software must keep pace with the world’s leading projects, emphasized Rakhmanov.

IT directors of United Shipbuilding Corporation and Krylov State Research Center, representatives of software designers and product operators addressed at the meeting as well.

Dmitry Zhavoronkov

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