PHOTO: Krylov Research Center Tested Russian Navyís Future Destroyer

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Several hull variants of the advanced destroyer for the Russian Navy have completed trials in the testing basin of Krylov State Research Center. The works were both on the Storm destroyer concept project and the draft design developed by Severnoye Design Bureau, reports Mil.Press Today referring to its journalist attended the destroyerís trials on March 22 in the Krylov center.

The researchers tested destroyer projects developed in late 2010ís. Currently, active work on the ship is suspended due to lack of funding, though Severnoye Design Bureau and Krylov Center keep on working proactively.

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Making a ship model for basin trials in Krylov State Research Center takes about three months. Length of the trials depends on the task complexity and timeliness of funding, the experts of Krylov center said.

The basin trials help to confirm mathematical calculations and adjust the shipís hull shape to improve its navigability. In addition, it allows to model propeller screws of the future destroyer.
Severnoye Design Bureau may launch project engineering of the destroyer in 2019 in case of adequate funding, an industry-related insider told Mil.Press Today. The interviewee added that the works can be completed in 2021-2023. It is planned to lay a keel of the lead ship at Severnaya Verf shipyard by the end of the state arms procurement program (SAPP-2027), if the yardís modernization is completed successfully.
In July 2018, the then Russian Navyís deputy commander for armament, Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk told Mil.Press Today that the destroyer construction was scheduled in the current SAPP.

In February 2019, the insiders shared that the destroyer would be equipped with nuclear powerplant and displace up to 19,000 tons.

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The concept of the newest ocean-going ship was developed by the Krylov Center. Being interviewed by Mil.Press Today, the centerís head researcher Valery Polovinkin said the Navy was offered two versions of the destroyer (codenamed Leader): one displacing 10-12 kt with gas turbine powerplant, and another one displacing 18-19 kt with nuclear reactor.

The draft project of Leader-type destroyer was developed by Severnoye Design Bureau. The ship is expected to displace 19,000 tons. Hull length is 200 meters, beam is 20 meters, max speed is 30 knots. Provisionally, the destroyer will be armed with 60 antiship cruise missiles, 128 antiaircraft guided missiles and 16 antisubmarine guided missiles.

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