Source: Works on ‘Super Gorshkov’ Frigate to Continue

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Severnoye Design Bureau has not suspended works on the Project 22350M frigates. The information spread by some media that the ship designing plans were abolished is incorrect, a high-ranking naval official told Mil.Press.

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"Now the question is that the client must set technical design timelines [for the Project 22350M ship – editor’s remark]. Reconciliation of all documents and further budgeting issues take some time as well. The situation is being resolved in the regular way", he added.
In its annual report for 2019, Severnoye Design Bureau mentioned about "the absence of further decision of the client regarding commencement of… works planned on the basis of the conceptual project (frigate) 22350M". Some media interpreted this wording as the project closure, which is incorrect, summed up the interviewee.

In December 2019, president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov told Mil.Press that the work on the Project 22350M frigate would be finished in 2022. Laying the keel for the lead ship can be expected after that.


Project 22350M frigate was unveiled in December 2014 by Admiral Viktor Chirkov, then heading the Russian Navy. According to him, the Navy planned to purchase at least 15 frigates of basic and modified versions. And in July 2018, upon commissioning of the Project 22350 lead frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the then deputy navy commander Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk announced the design works on Project 22350M frigates by Severnoye Design Bureau.

The latter officially kicked off conceptual designing of 'Super Gorshkov' frigate on December 25, 2018 upon signing of a corresponding contract. The certain front-end developments were performed earlier, too, in accordance with the Navy’s assignments and by own initiative.

Late in November 2019, an informed industry insider told Mil.Press that the designers of Severnoye Design Bureau had finished conceptual designing of Project 22350M frigate, and construction of the lead ship in the new series would presumably take 4 or 5 years.

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Project 22350M frigates will displace about 8,000 tons and carry 48 Caliber cruise missiles. Their weaponry will include Zircon hypersonic missiles as well. The powerplant will be entirely Russian-made.

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