Supplier of Splashdown Systems for Russian Helicopters Went Bankrupt

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The Rusich Aircraft Corporation producing fuel pods and ditching systems for Mi helicopters is undergoing a bankruptcy procedure. The first meeting of the company’s creditors will be held on Monday, April 3.

Before the bankruptcy, the Rusich Aircraft Corporation had been executing defense contracts on retrofitting of Mi helicopters, but then the scope of services reduced. "The company is at bankruptcy phase, so engaged only in development of fuel pods and ditching systems for helicopters", the company’s marketing service told Mil.Today.

Ditching system of Mi-8MTV-1

Alexander Talov, director general of Rusich is not available for comments and, according to his colleagues, is on the business trip. The company is led by Roman Kogan, the interim receiver. He scheduled the first meeting of creditors on April 3, reports informational and analytical service Kommersant Kartoteka.

A bankruptcy petition against Rusich was filed with the court by the Federal Tax Service in March 2016. In July, the procuracy inspected the company and revealed wage arrears to the amount of 9.4 mln rubles. The company has not paid its employees since the beginning of 2016.

Rusich calls itself an independent scientific and production enterprise equipped with flight testing facilities, a number of back offices and warehouses, laboratories, workshops, and two recreation centers. The company used to develop small aircraft and UAV systems.

Authorized capital of Rusich amounts only to 10,000 rubles, though it holds 100% shares of OJSC KNPP Helicopters MI+ with authorized capital of 55 mln rubles (according to Kommersant Kartoteka). Helicopters MI+ is also undergoing the bankruptcy procedure. Part of the company’s property is bought by AeroTechSnab LLC, which director Maksim Talov headed Helicopters MI+ in 2014. The emergency ditching system SAP.4011.000 developed by OJSC KNPP Helicopters MI+ is mentioned on

An emergency ditching system constitutes inflatable air chambers located in the helicopter’s nose and on rear landing gear. In case of ditching, they are filled with air in 5-10 seconds and hold an aircraft on water surface. For Mi-8, the Russian-made ditching systems are competed by products of Aerazur (France).