Trials of Wheeled Amphibious Platform to Start in 2021

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Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant (MMZ) is designing a special-purpose armored and explosion-proof wheeled chassis for air defense systems capable to overcome water obstacles. In Q1 2021, it is planned to proceed with preliminary trials of the prototype, the company’s spokesmen shared with Mil.Press at the Army-2020 forum.

According to the interviewees, it was initially a proactive concept of MMZ, while recently they received a technical specification for the chassis from the Russian defense ministry.

Special-purpose integral wheeled chassis

The MMZ representatives said the advanced chassis would be a platform for a family of uniform vehicles carrying different weapons and equipment.
"The key feature of the chassis is a one-piece body made of light-alloyed aluminum. This solution ensures floatability. To this end, we’ve performed all the studies and calculations required, found the centers of mass and the waterline level. Powerful waterjets will make crossing of water obstacles controllable", the project’s lead designer Daniil Barinov told Mil.Press. Armor is envisaged as well: Class 4 bullet/explosion protection [stands AK-74 shots at 5-10 meters – editor’s remark]. Windows will be armored, too".
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Full weight of the vehicle will not exceed 43.2 tons, and max carrying capacity will be at least 17.1 tons. On hard-top roads, the eight-by-eight vehicle will accelerate up to 80 km/h with fuel endurance up to 1,000 km. Transportation capabilities of the chassis will be provided by the 650 hp multifuel engine. The hydropneumatic suspension with variable clearance from 220 to 520 mm will ensure high cross-country performance, with nominal clearance of 400-420 mm.

The vehicle features an advanced information and control system that will monitor status and parameters of the chassis basic elements. It will inform of the need for maintenance and identify malfunctions.
"We treat this chassis as a platform solution. However, to arrange new modules, one needs to elaborate the layout design. Various equipment have different connection points, dimensions and power requirements", Daniil Barinov added.
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