A Russian Company to Complete Powerful Waterjets in 2020

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Experts of DM Technology have completed first two phases of Slamming-Vodomet-DM project and made the 115-kW waterjet out of Russian components. Now the company is to finish the third phase and design other two powerplants, 500-kW and 1.5-MW, for the fast-speed vessels, CEO and co-owner of DM Technology Alexey Blagirev told Mil.Press Today.

According to him, the first waterjet designed under the project, VD177D, was intended to prove correctness of the chosen technical solution. The company has already obtained the Type Approval Certificate from the Russian Registry of Shipping.

Waterjet VD177D

"We’ve finished the previous phase and development of the small-size waterjet timely and effectively", shared Blagirev. "Now, it’s time for the third phase, and we’re going to design and assemble the trial samples of larger waterjets".

DM Technology performs works under the contract tied in December 2018 with the St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University (SMTU) for "designing of basic project of hydrojet propulsion units with power up to 1.5 MW to ensure commercial production of fast-speed and high-navigable vessels".

In its turn, SMTU works on Slamming-Vodozabor project funded by the Russian Ministry of Industry & Trade. The contract implies development of technology to create the range of the waterjets said above.

In the long run, Russian hydrojet powerplants may replace the products of New Zealand’s HamiltonJet, Finnish Wartsila or British Rolls-Royce.
"Potential customers of such items are fishery companies, Russian ministry of emergency situations, recreation fleet, security agencies, and other users operating in severe weather conditions of high seas and inland waters", state the papers of the Ministry of Industry & Trade.
According to the tender documents, the works for the said ministry shall end on October 29, 2020.

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