Russian Navy Imports Boat Seats Instead of Russian Ones

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Russian security agencies like the Navy and EMERCOM buy foreign shock-absorbing and anti-vibration seats, while domestic ones are available. Such seats were mounted, among others, on assault boats BK-10 and BK-16 built for the Russian Navy by the Rybinskaya Verf shipyard (member of Kalashnikov Group), two independent sources told Mil.Press Today.

A marketing expert of Ullman, a Swedish designer and manufacturer of shipboard shock-absorbing seats, confirmed to Mil.Press Today that the seats had been really supplied to the Russian naval mariners and civil rescuers. However, he refused to disclose details of cooperation with the Russian force agencies. Along with that, the Ullmans insider added that his company had contacted Russian shipbuilders as well.

BK-10 fast-speed assault boat equipped with Ullman seats

Meanwhile, the similar Russian-made seats have been already supplied for the boats of the Federal Guard & Special Operations Service, added an informed insider. According to him, the seats made successful combat debut during the Syrian campaign.

The interviewee failed to find an answer why not all Russian security agencies adhered to the import substitution principles, having the nationally-produced alternative. He added that in that case the customer could have made a technical specification for the certain product without searching for other options.
As for Sergey Polyakov, the co-owner of Aqualis producing damper struts for boat seats, the Ullmans seats are quite perfect, the brand is globally renowned and held in due respect. However, their seats have nothing too special, added the expert, and Aqualiss experience proves possible substitution of such imports. Russia does have manufacturers of similar seats, he said, like St. Petersburg-based company KMS, their products are quite popular at the national market.
"Were full of new contracts, the anti-shock seats are in good demand", Sergey Polyakov says. "However, customers often find it simpler to buy well-known products rather than waste time searching for new ways, you know, the military are too conservative", he summed.

Indeed, in many cases Russian Navy ordered imported components, though having domestic at hand: e.g. procurement of British-made furniture for Russian ships and supplies of American thermal imagers instead of similar products made in Russia.

For reference

The BK-10 boat is designed for littoral operations, personnel transportations, landing of assault parties on unprepared coast, fire support, antipiracy and antiterror missions, medical evacuations, and rescue operations. The boat is armed with two 7.62-mm machineguns or a 40-mm grenade launcher.

The BK-16 Project 02510 fast-speed troop-carrying boat is designed for littoral operations, personnel transportations, landing of assault parties, antipiracy and antiterror missions, medical evacuations, and rescue operations.

In 2017, the Russian defense ministry tied the 2-year contract with the Kalashnikov Group for 15 boats: six BK-16 and nine BK-10. According to RBC, the deal costs about 800 mln rubles.

The anti-vibration seats compensate vibration loads by their design and the use of dashpots. Such seats prevent occupational musculoskeletal diseases and spine problems.

The shock-absorbing seats prevent spinal traumas at fast speeds and high waves. They also provide comfort at long-range cruising.