Russia Expects 7 Foreign Delegations at Far East Marine Show

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Sponsors of the International Far Eastern Maritime Show (IFEMS) are preparing for attendance of 300 representatives of seven Asian countries. The business program includes Russian-Japanese, Russian-Korean, and Russian-Chinese bilateral technology workshops.

According to the event’s concept available to Mil.Press Today, the exhibition is expected to host delegations from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Russia will be represented by 200 public officials from the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Federal Agency for Fishery, Ministry of Transport, Ministry for Development of Russian Far East, members of parliament and senators.

Far Eastern Federal University’s campus

One of the subjects will be military shipbuilding and ship-repairing. "The Maritime Show is a prestigious platform for wide range of discussions about naval cooperation between Russia and Southern Asian countries in the area of shipbuilding and military ship-repairing", says the document. Also, it is planned to discuss naval industry issues at IFEMS.

Among the show’s key objectives are attraction of international clients and investors; modernization of Russian shipbuilding industry; development of shipbuilding cluster in the Far East; application of foreign technologies; designing and construction of ships and their further localization.

The International Far Eastern Maritime Show will take place at the Russky Island in Vladivostok in 25-28 July, 2018. According to the concept, the exhibition will occupy 1,200 square meters. To compare, the International Maritime Defense Show biennially held in St. Petersburg is located on the area of 17,000 square meters. As was earlier reported, the IFEMS exposition would be displayed in 17 booths. The sponsors plan to focus on the business program. The concept includes four research and practice conferences and at least 10 congress and official events.

The number of the participants is limited, the concept provides for 1,500 attendants. Such quota arrangements have already evoked surprise among shipbuilders. Sharing with Mil.Press Today, an anonymous expert from a St. Petersburg company said that potential guests of IFEMS were offered to buy personal participant’s package costing 10,000-15,000 rubles. Such traditional terms known among guests of other exhibitions like ‘a visitor’ or ‘a ticket’ are not used at the Far Eastern show.

The IFEMS sponsor is Russian Ministry of Trade & Industry, the operator is Roscongress Foundation. In May, the show got an official website available at