YouTube’s Anti-Gunmakers Sanctions Overpassed Kalashnikov

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Without prior notice, YouTube began either deleting or banning videos related to firearms making or upgrading. Although some American bloggers got under blow, YouTube channel of the Russian arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov Group, managed to escape the sanctions somehow.

Currently, YouTube bans video clips that demonstrate homemade production of firearms, ammunitions, high-capacity magazines or barrel silencers; promote sales of firearms or gun accessories, including high-capacity magazines, and tools that make arms automatic; explain how to make weapons automatic or semi-automatic; demonstrate how to install similar components on the arms or other versions, reports BBC.

Kalashnikov’s YouTube channel

In particular, the hosting deleted videos of American arms producer Spike's Tactical, blogger Jörg Sprave, the small arms reviewing channel InRangeTV.

According to Russia’s Kalashnikov, no videos has been deleted from the corporation’s official channel so far. "From the very beginning, we focused on development of our own platform (Kalashnikov Media – editors’ remark) with embedded video player. Sure, we post some videos on YouTube, but prioritize home platform though. We have all content available in two languages there", Sofia Ivanova, Kalashnikov’s director for external communications told Mil.Press Today.

Kalashnikov Media’s video player

Earlier on, she announced that Kalashnikov planned to integrate the software for online purchasing of the company’s products through video clips.

In the summer 2017, videos from Syria made by Russia’s Federal News Agency (FNA) were put under sanctions. YouTube banned them for demonstration of "cruelty and violence". The FNA reporters decided to post their video content on Rutube then.