Poll: Most Russians Favor Military Operation in Syria

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Most Russians (72%) have a positive attitude towards air strikes performed by Russian Air Force upon positions of Islamic State* in Syria.

This is evidenced by a poll held and posted by the Levada Center on its website.

Launch of Caliber-NK missile

Fourteen percent of respondents disapprove of Russian military attending the operation. Other 14% failed to give an answer, reports Lenta.Ru.

"Supporting of the military involvement has rather a declarative nature and is in line with general encouraging of governmentís course seen in recent years than a real support of Russiaís involvement in the warfare. In September 2015, sixty nine percent of Russians were opposed to direct military support both to Syrian authorities and Donbass self-declared republics in 2014", said the Levada Centerís sociologists.

Respondents see Russiaís involvement in the Syrian operation mainly as desire of national political leaders to support Bashar Assad in fighting ISIS* and opposition (47%). Almost one third of questioned Russians (28%) say Russia shouldnít have interfered in the Syrian conflict. Other 8 percent of respondents think the country must join the Western coalition fighting against ISIS* and Assadís regime.

At the same time, 78% of the pollees donít rule out that, for Russia, the Syrian conflict may spiral to a new Afghanistan, while 6 percent reject such possibility.

The poll was held in September 2-5 and was attended by 1,600 persons from 134 population clusters in 46 Russian regions.

Russian air operation against terrorist group Islamic State*, which is banned in Russia, kicked off on September 30, 2015. On October 7, ISIS positions were attacked by surface ships of the Russian Navyís Caspian Flotilla.

Among other issues, the Central Navy Portal has found out how, except for use of Caliber cruise missiles, Russian warships may be involved in naval attacks upon Islamic State* and what reasons may be really behind the recent launch of 26 cruise missiles.

* - Islamic State is a terrorist organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.