Russian Aircraft Pushed Assadís Aviation Out of Syrian Sky

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Since Russian military airplanes appeared in Syrian sky, number of flights performed by president Assadís regular aviation has considerably decreased. That was told to Voennoe.RF by locals of several Syrian towns observing flights of passing-by airplanes every day.

"With arrival of Russian air force, Syrian airplanes almost ceased to fly above us. Russian aircraft are simply to recognize by their typical deep sound. Besides, national air force don't fly in the night time", pointed out an interviewee of Voennoe.RF in Homs, Syria. Another citizen stressed that with Russian air component "it has become more quiet in the city".

"We feel safer when we hear airplanes above", said a native of Aleppo, a town in the northwest Syria. He added that he had heard Syrian aircraft as well, but far fewer.

In Latakia which airfield is currently used as Russian airbase people notice increased number of Russian speakers in the streets. "I saw Russians in the city. Typically, they are young guys with Arab interpreter. I hear airplanes flying every day, even now, when Iím writing this text. This sound calms down", said the interviewer.

Russia began military operation in Syria on September 30 and use Su-24M and Su-34 bombers, Su-25SM strike airplanes to attack positions of Islamic State (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Su-30 fighters provide air escort of striking groups. Being under command of president Bashar Assad, Syrian air component is also represented by Russian-made aircraft MiG-21, MiG-23 and more advanced MiG-29.