Defense Ministry Says ISIS to Frame Up Russian Pilots

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Russian Defense Ministry warned that terrorists of the Islamic State* would possibly explode mosques in Palmira and other Syrian cities in order to accuse Russian aviators.

Intentional provocations for further demonstration of fake photos and videos are not ruled out, said Defense Ministry’s spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov at the briefing on Tuesday, October 6, reports Lenta.Ru.

"We don’t rule out that terrorists are intentionally preparing provocations in that or another site, namely, explosion of mosques for further demonstration of fake photo and video materials with accusations against Russian Air Force operating in the Syrian Arab Republic", Konashenkov said.

Earlier on, deputy defense minister for international affairs Anatoly Antonov told reporters that ISIS* terrorists were hiding from Russian airstrikes in mosques. "Terrorists are well aware that we will never, under no conditions, strike out at non-military facilities", stressed Antonov.

On October 6, Russian Air Force group carried out about 20 flights, having attacked 12 assets of ISIS*.

As a reminder, Russian Air Force started delivering first targeted airstrikes against terrorists on September 30, soon after the Federation Council authorized the Russian president to use armed forces abroad.

Earlier, Voennoe.RF published an interactive material about the beginning of the Syrian conflict and interviewed Syrian people regarding declaration of the Russian Orthodox Church about "holy war" in Syria.

Also, Russian military experts commented what kind of weapons could be used against our pilots.

* - Islamic State – a terrorist organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.